Focus and Scope


  • Accounting: Focuses on issues of financial accounting, managerial accounting, public sector accounting, taxation, and accounting information systems.
  •  Audit: Focuses on issues of audit standards, audit ethics, the role of audit, corporate governance, and internal and external audit.
  • Business: Focuses on strategic and operational aspects of business, which include marketing, human resources, business strategy, and entrepreneurship.
  • Business Administration: Focuses on issues of business administration, leadership, organization and strategic design of organizational behavior.
  • Business and Economic Analysis: Focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis methods in economics and business.


  •  Innovation in Accounting and Auditing Practices: Exploration of current practices and innovations in accounting and auditing, along with their impact on transparency and accountability in business and government
  • Business Strategy and Organizational Performance: Analysis of business strategy and the influence of organizational performance, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis of business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and company policies
  • Economic Development and Public Policy: Analysis of the role of business and economic development, public policy and its impact on the business sector
  • Technology and Innovation in Business: Application of new technology and innovation to business practices, such as the digitization of big data, and artificial intelligence in economics and business.